Three Reasons Why Magento and Shopify Are Trusted E-Commerce Software

Shopify Are Trusted E-Commerce Software

For decades, there has been a standoff between Shopify and Magento with many people unable to decide which one is the better software. What most fail to understand is that both software provides online businesses and shoppers the advantage of getting through with their trade. For this to be possible, Shopify and Magento has ensured that;

  1. They offer a good trading platform

It is impossible to sell and buy things online without having an e-commerce platform handling the process. If you have been keen, Shopify and Magento are some of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. That is because both have a good track of generating millions for so many online investors. Currently, the total number of people using Shopify and Magento is approximately 700,000 in total.

  1. Great POS

As much as you would like to make sales online, your customers would want to be able to pay for the things they like. Shopify and Magento are responsible for the success of many online businesses. All thanks to their great POS. Both software have similarities in the way they build their POS including enabling it to be integrated with other software and hardware like cash registers, barcode readers and smart card readers. By doing so, customers as far as other countries using different currencies can shop and make payments on your site within a matter of seconds.

  1. Easy online marketing tools

When designing your customized online shop management system using Shopify or Magento, you will need to consider online marketing. Don’t forget that your online marketing strategy is crucial because it is the only way to invite new customers to buy from your site. You also have to have in mind that Google updates will force you to have a good SEO proposition. Shopify and Magento have some of the best SEO tools that you could install to allow your site to perform better in search engine ranking. It is, however, a must for you to optimize your site content for the SEO tools perform flawlessly. Apart from SEO, both software allows you to market your site across various social media platforms.


Before shopping or selling products online, there must be certain things that need to be solved like how to market; sell, receive payment and how the product will reach the customer. If you have been keen, both Shopify and Magento provide the perfect solution for the primary challenges one would face when selling online.

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