Shopify Has More Users than Magento; Find Out Why

setting up shop online

When it comes to setting up shop online, you will most probably look for an easy way to do it. With various e-commerce platforms available on the internet, you have the advantage of going for the perfect software for your business. However, Shopify records to have the highest number of users just because of the following facts;

  • Shopify is more user-friendly

Compared to Magento, you will find it easy and quick to set up shop using Shopify. After signing up for an account, you only have to follow simple commands, and within no time, you will be able to get your online business running. From designing your site to receiving payment, Shopify allows you to run and monitor all these activities from a single dashboard. Compared to Magento where you will require using more than one panel to run your business, you will find Shopify more favorable.

  • Shopify is more secure

The fact that Shopify provides hosting has given it a massive advantage over Magento. By hosting your shop, Shopify takes care of any other risk that comes with hosting including hacking. Because they have built servers to avoid such risks, you are always guaranteed the safety of your customers as they shop from your online store. You should know that the right e-commerce servers should be fast and efficient; precisely what you will find when working with Shopify.

  • The free trial period will convince you

As much as Magento is free to some extent, you should know that it has not been able to avoid online investors from choosing Shopify. Note that before you can begin making your monthly subscription payments, Shopify gives you a trial period of 14 days. Very many online investors have been lured into using Shopify through the free trial period.

  • Easy product management

When selling online, there are so many things involved, and this requires that you are in control. Things like discounts, flash sales and updating your store should be handled in an organized manner to avoid giving customers a hard time. From adding and removing products from your online store to commanding discounts on products, Shopify provides a more straightforward process to getting everything done.


Although Magento has many success stories under its belt, more new online entrepreneurs would instead go for Shopify mainly because it is a more comfortable platform to use. You should also know that Shopify goes deeper into helping you link your brick and Marta store to your online branch using hardware like barcode readers and smart card readers.